Interoperable Content for Performance
in a Competency-driven Society

ICOPER is a Best Practice Network co-funded by the eContentplus programme of the European Community. The 30-months-project started in September 2008 and has the mission to collect and further develop best practices for higher education tackling issues like creating learning designs and teaching methods, authoring content for re-use, transferring knowledge in an outcome-oriented way and assessing it, or evaluating learning activities.

The 25 Partners from all over Europe are key and leading experts in digital educational development and technology enhanced learning (TEL). As an Open Network Philosophy is followed everyone can get involved, contribute, and benefit.

The three main objectives of the consortium are

  • Analyse and facilitate the adoption of standards and specifications
  • Make educational resources like content, learning outcomes, teaching methods and learning designs accessible via the Open ICOPER Content Space
  • Validate standards and specifications and condense them into the ICOPER Reference Model (IRM).

The ICOPER project partners are now working in different Work Packages to fulfill these objectives. The results will be documented in reports and are accessible in the menu Deliverables.

Navigation in the Top Menu

To achieve the main objectives different web portals have been developed. In the vertical menu the web portals Open Content Space and Training & Consulting are described in detail. In the top menu the links ICOPER Website, Open Content Space, and Training & Consulting can be used to access the three portals.

Open Content Space

The Open ICOPER Content Space (OICS) has been defined as the umbrella combining a set of specialised interconnected

  • repositories,
  • content and
  • tools,

as a test bed for the specifications and standards that become part of the ICOPER Reference Model (IRM).

Visit Open Content Space

Training & Consulting

The virtual ICOPER Institute for Training & Consulting plays a crucial role in providing both,

  • online and
  • offline

training on

  • standards and
  • specifications

validated by ICOPER.

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ICOPER   is   coordinated   by Wirtschaftsuniversität  Wien
and    is   co-funded    by   the
European  Community eContentplus Programme
The content of this website is the sole responsibility of the consortium members. It does not represent the opinion of the European Community and the Community is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained here in.